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Create Eye-Popping Displays Using Canvas Prints

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When you make your business look unique, it stands out from the competition in the mind of customers. The interior graphics of your business create a distinctive ambience. Yet too many businesses use the same displays and materials and end up looking like everyone else. Try something unique like adding canvas prints to create a special atmosphere.

The Advantages Of Canvas

There is a reason that canvas has been the preferred medium of painters for centuries. The material adds its own artistic elements to the piece. A graphic on canvas acquires a texture that no other medium can replicate, giving it a vibrancy and depth that touches people. Flat surfaces such as plastic or metal give flat displays that don’t carry as much impact.

People are inherently drawn to natural materials like wood and cloth. In today’s urbanized settings, these media hark back to our jungle roots and speak to us in ways stark, modern materials can’t. Whether we realize it or not, we yearn for elements that remind of the natural world we may be too busy to enjoy.

Where Can You Use Canvas Prints?

Nearly any kind of display signage can benefit from using canvas prints rather than more traditional sign media. Most organizations use them for decorative touches. Large expanses of bare wall can be cold and uninviting. Putting up visual displays in these blank spaces adds warmth while retaining a professional appearance.

However canvas prints can be used for more functional signage as well. Imagine how sophisticated your corporate logo would look printed on this material. Your company name spelled out on a huge print behind the receptionist’s desk will create a unique impression.

You might not use canvas prints for such utilitarian purposes as restroom signs, but think how strong an impression you’d leave if you did!

The Printing Process - No Paintbrushes Required

No longer does it require a skilled and expensive artist to create high quality canvas prints. Modern inkjet printers have made these displays available to anyone. You can either create your own graphics or have your signage provider create the graphics in house.

Any image that can be printed on a piece of paper can be printed on canvas. Industrial inkjet printers make large format printing easy, putting out sheets up to several feet wide. If you need an even larger display, several sheets can be combined to make a sign of any size.

About the only limitation to canvas prints is that they don’t tolerate environmental elements well so are limited to interior graphics. A canvas print mounted outdoors will fade just like any printed or silk-screened sign would. However as long as they are used indoors and kept out of direct sunlight, they will retain their vibrant colors for as long as you need them.


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